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Health Professionals

The bodybolster is the perfect tool for health professionals, both for you to use personally and to recommend to others.

If you are working long hours, stuck in an office prescribing health care to others, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself.

The bodybolster solves this problem by providing support and relief for aching muscles. Small and portable, the bodybolster easily deflates, meaning you can take it with you wherever your busy schedule takes you, ready to inflate and start easing your pain, fast.

Try these gentle release exercises daily, then use the bodybolster at work to help you sit upright and in alignment.


Service-based drivers

Long work hours and sitting awkwardly behind a steering wheel are the perfect combination for causing chronic neck and back pain.  As all service based drivers know, it can be very difficult to get comfortable in car/truck seats, and sitting awkwardly for hours on end is sure to cause postural issues.

The bodybolster is small enough to take with you from vehicle to vehicle and provides immediate postural correction.

Small, portable and quick to deflate, the bodybolster will provide comfort and support in an industry that can seriously compromise good posture.

Office Workers

When your job requires you to sit at a desk staring at a computer screen for 8 hours at a time, it's no surprise that thousands of office workers experience chronic neck and back pain every day.

You only need your head to be sitting forward an inch or so to put extra pressure on your lower cervical back, causing tension headaches and long lasting pain. The bodybolster alleviates this problem by correcting your sitting position and increasing your postural awareness.

If your chronic neck and back pain are impacting your productivity, get a bodybolster today.

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Art Director, Australian Women’s Health

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Founder and Editor of women’s lifestyle site

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