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The bodybolster is the only tool that can stimulate and incorporate the nervous system mechanics into a broad range of training activities; mobilisation, stabilisation, isometric resistance, stretching and functional movement.

The bodybolster was created by a team of Australian physiotherapists to enhance movement and more effectively isolate and target muscles and joints.

It is listed on the Australian Register Of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) 142584 – as a Medical Device Class 1.


Workplace health…

Ergonomics is about furniture, the bodybolster is about people.

Many organisations have invested millions in fitting offices with ergonomic setups in order to manage ‘new age’ disorders born from poor posture. This is an excellent starting point, however, after only 20 minutes of sitting statically it is normal for people to slump in an attempt to get comfortable. This is because people need to vary their posture as well as get support. An ergonomic setup is only as effective as the behaviour/habits of the individual. It is true that we all need a good ergonomic chair, but by their very design most chairs keep bodies in a static position. This is counter effective and causes stiffness, pain and strain which over a period of time can lead to chronic conditions. This invariably, carries through to organisations’ bottom line.

Effective management of ‘human behaviour’ is key!

Flexibility and adjustability need to be ‘designed in. Buying a good ergonomic chair may not bring the benefits expected. The actual sitting position depends on an individual’s personal habits; he or she has to learn and practice how to sit properly. Occupational therapists and physiotherapists around the world prescribe the bodybolster for this purpose.

When in place the bodybolster aligns the body, tilting the pelvis forward, elongating the neck and tucking the chin in, avoiding neck strain and tension across the shoulders. The key principle is to position it at different angles and inflation levels to get support where the individual needs it most.

As you vary the sitting position you can reposition the bodybolster to optimize its therapeutic benefits – low, mid, upper back, or vertically along the back or semi-inflated (wedged at the tailbone).

  • Instantly reduces muscle tension and aches
  • Promotes good posture alignment
  • Reduces neck strain, back pain and shoulder aches
  • Relieves pressure on lower back
  • Promotes postural and ergonomic awareness
  • Promotes safe in-chair stretching
  • Unique self-inflating feature- no pump

The bodybolster is listed on Australian Register Of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) 142584 – Medical Device Class 1

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ReCoverCise is a cutting-edge home-based therapy support program, which patients can access from their computers, smart phones, tablets or Internet TV’s.

The program is built specifically to heal a patient’s injury. (Currently focused on the most common: back, shoulder, knee, and neck.)

A Therapy Pack is sent to the patient including equipment and login instructions. A physiotherapist walks them through the program over pre-recorded video sessions. Access is available 24/7.

The program logs all sessions and time-stamps this information which is fed back to the treating practitioner to track usage of the program and insurers can track compliance. This suite replaces outdated hardcopy information sheets which empowers the practitioner with more access to the patient’s usage once they have left the surgery. It also affords practitioners a more current healthcare approach. The suite is aligned to the smart phone/tablet/smart TV revolution and leverages the NBN roll-out program -providing therapy assistance to remote and rural patients. This also benefits patients who are unable (or unwilling) to travel.

All aspects of this program are “telehealth” compliant and totally reflect the future of self-paced home therapy.



An individually tailored, readily available and completely trackable healthcare approach


Claimants can work at their own pace in their own time and space


It empowers insurers with a state-of-the-art approach to claimant care and support 

For enquiries please click here.


Enhance proprioception…

Typically, rolled up towels are inert and ineffective, foam rollers inhibit muscle contraction and the exercise ball may be too unstable.

The bodybolster is the only tool that can stimulate and incorporate the nervous system mechanics, making it an ideal therapeutic tool to include the patient in understanding  key exercise objectives.

The bodybolster’s versatility allows it to be used in exercise progression from early to advanced stages in the rehabilitation process, proving more effective than other tools.

Unlike static devices, the bodybolster is a dynamic tool which enables practitioners to adjust the level of inflation to provide patients/clients in both acute and chronic situations with more precise and active support during manipulation, conditioning or exercise.

Clinical Applications:

  • Targeted mobilisation (spinal facets, shoulder joint, pelvis, knee, ankle)
  • Closed and open kinetic chain activities
  • Lengthening stretches, while offering greater control
  • Isometric strength building
  • Stabilisation
  • Myofascial release
  • Supporting the body

The bodybolster’s two unique features make it comfortable and easy to use.

Self Inflating:
This means it can be modified as needed for body type, comfort and structural limitations. As you progress with a fuller bodybolster, the difficulty increases providing a greater challenge to stability and strengthening.

The patient feels more comfortable and relaxed, and has greater control of movement. This allows natural motion without the jerkiness that can sometimes truncate movement when using a harder foam roller.


 Incorporates the nervous system mechanics…

Correct biomechanical movement and body positioning when exercising is critical to avoid strain and injury. So it is essential to use small equipment to accomodate body position and consider physical limitations.

The bodybolster is the only tool that  can activate and incorporate the nervous system mechanics into a broad range of training activities. It has similar functionality to the exercise ball and foam roller, whilst providing greater comfort and control.

The bodybolster is a multi-purpose device, self-inflating  (no pumps) and is listed on Australian Register Of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) 142584 as a Medical Device Class 1.

The bodybolster is malleable yet firm so you can roll joints right over protrusion, providing fluid movement and lengthening the stretch.

The bodybolster allows muscles to yield and relax, making it ideal for myofascial release work, unlike hard foam rollers which make the muscle tense thereby achieving less than ideal results.

Achieve better outcomes with the bodybolster.

Ideal for:

  • Lengthening every stretch by 20%
  • Increasing proprioception
  • Targeting and isolation of specific areas (pelvis, hip, groin, shoulder, neck, hamstring, thoracic)
  • Stretching back muscles
  • Improving core strength
  • Isometric resistance
  • Myofascial release
  • Stability challenges


Effectively corrects movement …

The bodybolster teaches awareness of movement habits, correcting patterns that may stress the spine and limit joint movement.

Integrating the  bodybolster to a Pilates routine can stimulate and incorporate the nervous system mechanics into a broad range of applications; mobilisation, stabilisation, engagment of the core muscles, body positioning, functional movement.

The bodybolster can assist with effectively correcting movement because it is firm yet malleable (dynamic), providing support and flexibility, allowing movement rather than forcing it.

When dealing with a neck, back, knee, or shoulder problem the bodybolster supports the joints/posture to allow precise activation of muscles and also keep the best alignment. This promotes easier execution of the exercise, allowing focus on mastering technique, building confidence to ultimately execute the moves independently.

The bodybolster is listed on the Australian Register Of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 142584 ) as a Medical Device Class 1

It is self-inflating (no pump) and adjustable making it a versatile and effective tool to assist with the following techniques:

  • preserve neutral alignment
  • mobilise (spinal facets, shoulder, pelvis neck, knee)
  • improve asymmetries
  • isometric resistance
  • stabilisation

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